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Support to Course/Research Needs

GIS Lab helps faculty and students using geospatial data, geospatial analysis, maps and geospatial technology in their teaching, learning and research. 

The Lab creates instructional and exercise materials tailored to faculty specifications. The GIS Specialist delivers the instructions in classrooms upon request. The Specialist or the lab assistant also assist in leading the exercise activities. 

Driving distance from Dresser Quarry Wisconsin
Driving distances from Dresser Quarry, WI is computed to estimate carbon emissions from transporting crushed basalt fertilizer to nearby farms.
An ArcGIS model used to compute average size of homes within a user-defined distance.
An ArcGIS model created by an Economics senior with the help from the GIS Specialist to compute for hundreds of residential properties the average size of homes within a user-defined distance.
Web map showing field work results from the spring 2022 ARCN 246 class.
Webmap created by students to display survey and excavation locations collected with GNSS and field work findings (ARCN 246, Spring 2022)
Screen of slides titled "How Maps Lie"
Click to download the slides created for a short lecture in the topic of visualizing data with maps: How maps lie? The slides were created for a 100-level IDSC class in 2016 and revised in 2022.
The GIS Lab creates maps in support of faculty publications and academic program/administrative office functions. Click a map image to see the full-size map.
Map for publication of Prof. Forester and her colleagues.
Arboretum Trail Map for Visitors
Reference map for Geology Department field trip

In addition to helping users using ArcGIS software and Trimble GNSS handheld for specific tasks, the GIS Lab helps users with big picture questions regarding data needs, workflow, data/map sharing, and software/tool options. For example:

  • I want to do these things in my project, can they be done with GIS? How? What kind of data do I need?
  • What GIS exercise can be developed for my course?
  • How can I share my map or GIS data with my colleagues/classmates?
  • How can I collect field measurements or questionnaire survey data in GIS-ready format?
  • I want to learn GIS, where can I find learning resources?
  • What are the schools with graduate programs in GIS?

You are encouraged to contact the GIS Specialist for consultation service.  The student assistants may be your first contact if you are seeking help for specific software/hardware tools or datasets. Find our contact information here.

Data and Apps

The GIS Lab creates and maintains campus GIS data and apps to support campus based teaching and research activities as well as administrative tasks.

The Lab also creates GIS data in support of faculty research or student course projects up on request.


Campus aerial photos taken 1938 - 2020 with a swipe tool for visual comparison of two aerial photos (click to access app)
80k+ home sale locations are geocoded to support faculty research
Georeferenced 1884 Sanborn Fire Insurance map to support History course projects (click to access data)
Historical and present land cover data created to support the review of Carleton's Arboretum